GSK is seeking new approaches for simplified point-of-care re-constitution and delivery of vaccines made of two components. The components can either be liquids to be mixed together, or a lyophilized vaccine solid (cake or powder) to be dissolved in a liquid. We are interested in a device that would be as convenient as a pre-filled syringe for use by a Health Care Provider (HCP).

GSK produces vaccines that have multiple components that must be mixed just prior to administration. Our current administration methods require the HCP to mix the components in a specified way prior to administration. This is time consuming and is a potential source of mistakes in the vaccine administration process. Consistent with GSK’s patient focus, we are seeking new administration methods that will be easier to use at the point of care.

The vaccine components may be two liquids (antigens, adjuvants, diluents) or one liquid and one solid (lyophilized cakes or powders).

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by Oct 10, 2020.

Source: NineSights